Services for families

Whether breastfeeding and diaper-changing room, elevator or family parking spaces – we attach great importance to practical details to make your visit to Wels a stress-free experience for your whole family.


Family parking
There are six extra-wide family parking spaces in the outdoor parking lot and six in the underground garage.
Free diapers & wipes
The toilets with free diapers & wet wipes at Wels are located on the upper floor behind the lift.
Breastfeeding area
The breastfeeding area at Wels is located on the upper floor behind the 2-unit lift group.
Shopping cars are located in the Wels on the 1st basement floor in the orange foyer.
Baby changing room
Two baby changing rooms are available on the ground floor and the upper floor.
Playground for toddlers


MINI LOLLIPOP is a veritable playtime paradise for the little ones. The area is designated for children under the age of 4 and fulfills their every wish: Toddlers can improve their skills while playing entertaining wall games, wave to their parents from inside small houses, or experience joy of sliding down a mini slide. MINI LOLLIPOP is free of charge for the little ones.